This website that I decided to call “Ruhago-Impitagihe” was launched for a public use. It is an instrument for the dissemination and sharing of information in order to awake the memory, the past of football in Rwanda, tailor-made for all the football fans. The website should allow to gather information and transfer to interested persons and fans, who have not personally known or have forgotten those times.

Dear readers with the passion of football, you all have an important responsibility in this project.

This is the reason why I am opening wide the doors. Because my goal is to gather all readers interested in this space that will have to transmit, to share with all the public other facts and elements of the history of football

I hope to receive more information from all of you, so that we can share them all over. But do not forget to give me your opinion about the site, give me your constructive opinions and advice in order to improve something. Thank you for now. (Greetings)


Please take note that all the information regarding the history of football in Rwanda you will find on this website is not “frozen” and is subject to contradictory. Absolutely! Indeed, some information was provided to me by my elders, many of whom do not or no longer have access to written sources, or to equipment photo/video or recorded evidence. For this reason, it is difficult to guarantee the absolute authenticity or veracity of some elements. I already apologize for that.
But I am sure that in this site are gathered the main facts that reveal many things about football in Rwanda. All this should inform and should make happy all the readers and all those who are interested in stories and history of this sport. In this way, all this could be of use, a stimulus for all people interested in this topic, for the football experts and to researchers. On the other side, this should allow to add more and other elements that are possibly known to them to all information I have gathered so far as it is also a good opportunity to know other elements, for the joy and expectations of the fans of this sport. So we need to quickly take advantage of their knowledge because our dear experts are aging and before they do forget the facts.


There is a Rwandan proverb that says “No one is sufficient to himself”. And that, everyone knows it. There’s another one that says: “A single beam can not support a house”. This is so true that I would never have been able to complete this work (and the path continues because we are not yet at term), if I had not received help. I am talking about my friends and members of my family, football stars and newcomers, about football fans, those who have kindly opened they doors to me, all those who accorded me interviews and all those with whom I had conversations, not to mention all those that I could contact through modern technological means. All offered their availability without exceptions or conditions and they delivered their knowledge and valuable information that is now all available to you. Thank to you all from the very deep of my heart. Best regards to you and all, wherever you are. Thank you again. Greetings!

The material in English will be available online soon